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Awaken Wellness Center is a sanctuary of healing, dedicated to empowering military personnel, veterans, spouses, youth and their families through culturally competent, holistic therapy rooted in deep understanding and shared experiences.

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Empowering Healing, Supporting Heroes

At Awaken Wellness Center, we’re more than a team of therapists; we’re advocates for your well-being, dedicated to providing quality, compassionate behavioral health care. Our mission is rooted in the belief that everyone deserves access to comprehensive, professional, and supportive care, especially those who’ve dedicated their lives to serving our country—our military, veterans, and their courageous families.

A Mission of Compassion and Excellence

Our journey begins with a commitment to excellence in clinical outcomes and extends to the warm, inviting atmosphere of our center. We understand that healing is not a one-size-fits-all path. It’s a personal, empowering journey that requires a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by our clients. With a strong foundation in military culture and values, we bring a level of empathy and cultural competence unmatched by others.

Vision of Holistic Wellness

Our vision is to transcend traditional therapy boundaries, offering holistic, wellness-focused services that address mental, emotional, and physical health. We believe in the power of healing the whole person, promoting change that fosters growth, resilience, and empowerment. In our care, you’ll find a sanctuary for healing, equipped to address the complexities of trauma, grief, PTSD, relationship issues, life transitions, and more.

Your Strengths, Our Support

Awaken Wellness Center is a testament to the strength found in seeking help. We honor the bravery of our clients by creating a space that’s inviting, trustworthy, and approachable. Our professional environment ensures you feel heard, respected, and valued from the moment you start your healing journey. Here, difficulties are not ignored but faced with courage, alongside a supportive team ready to navigate each step with you.

Dedicated to Those Who Serve

Our pride in serving military personnel, veterans, and their families runs deep. As military spouses, retired service members, and compassionate caregivers, we share a bond with you that transcends the therapist-client relationship. We’re not just therapists; we’re peers who understand the weight of your sacrifice and the strength of your spirit.

Join Us on Your Journey to Wellness

Awaken Wellness Center is more than a place for therapy; it’s a community where healing begins, and obstacles transform into stepping stones for growth. If you’re facing challenges that hinder your path to wellness, let us be part of your solution. Together, we’ll embrace life’s surprises, harness your unique strengths, and embark on a journey toward healing and empowerment.

Meet our team of dedicated professionals, a unique blend of military spouses, retired service members, and compassionate therapists, united by a shared mission to provide tailored, empathetic care for our military community.